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Written by StarryCocoon at 01:58 on Sep 14, 2020 3131


Dear community members,


We've added the following 2 new career quests which you can achieve for the cool rewards:


1. We are comrades!

- Requirement: Join our Steam group and set it as your favorite group, then link your Steam Account to complete the quest. (If you already linked, then you need to re-link it by unlinking and linking again).

- Reward: Coin x15, Fullbody-Costume Box x1, Advanced Skin Case x1, Super Skin Case x1


2. We are family!

- Requirement: Join our Discord Server, before joining make sure you have the exact same Discord nickname and the PvP.World account nickname. (You can always change it back later)

- Reward: Coin x15, Fullbody-Costume Box x1, Advanced Skin Case x1



Thanks for joining us and enjoy your day!



PvP.World Development & Operation Team.


Written by StarryCocoon at 21:02 on Sep 08, 2020 2,2142

Dear community members,


We've added 'Social Connection' section in Account Setting page, you can now link Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Steam to your PvP.World Community account. Doing so will help players connect each other on other platform as well.



PvP.World Development & Operation Team.

Written by StarryCocoon at 00:55 on Aug 31, 2020 7030

Dear community members,


Here is the list of top 6 contributors who posted the most in our community in August 2020:

1st. Philandra with 108 posts

2nd. postsstevoxwicked with 50 posts

3rd. postsbadbrad with 45 posts

4th. poststankgirl with 39 posts

5th. postsiaah with 22 posts

6th. DylanPHUB with 20 posts

... and every other contributors.


Thank you for your contributing and make our community great!

In the future, we are going to add some new missions which will reward based on the amount of posts (counting since account registration), your effort will be paid off :)



PvP.World Development & Operation Team.

Written by StarryCocoon at 01:12 on Aug 22, 2020 9192

Dear community members,

We've added PUG Server into our Counter-Strike 1.6 server list, please navigate to 'Game Servers' on the navigation bar for server information. This is a match server, after 10 people joining, 2 captains will be randomly chosen and the captains will pick their teammates, finally the match starts.


PvP.World Pug Server is running at


Here are some basic commands:

/ready -> To be ready

/unready -> To be not ready

/pick -> Open menu to pick teammates (done by captains only)

!forceready -> Force all players to be ready (Admin only)


Enjoy the game!



PvP.World Development & Operation Team.

Written by StarryCocoon at 02:11 on Jun 30, 2020 3,3852

Dear community players,


We've brought to you some updates about our community.

1. Steam Account Linking + Sign In With Steam

- We've added a new feature which allows you to link your Steam Account to PvP.World Community Account, this will allow you to sign in using Steam in future. This MAY also allow you to quick login in our game server using SteamID (In case you are playing a game published by Steam).

- To perform a linking to a Steam Account, please navigate to Account Setting > Steam Account Linking


2. New Career Quest: Connecting World Games

- Condition: Establish a connection to your Steam Account.

- Reward: Coin x10, Medium Skin Case x1, Advanced Skin Case x1, Super Skin Case x1


3. All Weapon Skins are released (97 skins)

- We've decided to release all weapon skins which you can obtain from opening Weapon Cases.

- After obtaining the weapon skins on the community website, you can head to our Counter-Strike 1.6 Classic Server to play with them, please check the Game Servers tab on the navigation bar if you need the game server address to connect.


We are now working on our next game, stay tuned and have a good day!



PvP.World Development & Operation Team


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