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Written by Bladefield at 16:15 on Mar 24, 2020 4034

Dear community players,


Lucky Costume Box rolling game is added to the website! As you may know, new registered members will get a mail with a few gift boxes. Please check your Mailbox and claim the costume boxes, then go to Inventory and click on the costume box items to open the 'Lucky Costume Box' Rolling Game.

After obtaining a few good costumes, you can log into our Counter-Strike game servers then login with the same account with this website and you can wear the costumes.


As for how to open your Inventory, please read this thread.

We recommend not to roll the Tail-costume Box because there is only one costume in that category, so let's save it for when we add new costumes :P


Have a fun game!

- PVP.World Development Team


Written by Bladefield at 11:32 on Mar 13, 2020 8142

Dear members of PVP.World community,

We deeply apologize for the email issue that had caused inconvenience to our players. As you know, registration in game doesn't require email so when you log in to website, you are stuck in account verification.

We have added Change Email option into Account Setting section, which you can use to add or edit your email address in order to verify the account.

Adding email and verification are very easy now, upon logging into PVP.World Website, if you see this:

That means you may have registered this account from game and email is missing, just click on the link and you will be taken into Account Setting to assign an email.

However if you see this:

That means your account has already assigned an email, now you only need to click on the link to proceed to verify the email and done!


If you continue encounter the problem, please visit our official PVP.World Discord channel ( and we will help you get it fixed! or my Discord ID is StarryCocoon#1520




Written by Bladefield at 15:32 on Mar 12, 2020 9130

Dear players of PVP.World Community,

We would like to introduce our Inventory System, as you know our game servers and website are linked together, therefore you can use same account to login into both places. The first batch of Inventory items are the costumes, which are available in our Counter-Strike servers (especially the Paint Ball and Classic servers).


First, how you will visit your own Inventory, it's quite easy, just take a look at the top navigation bar and select Basement then Inventory.


Let's talk about Costumes, how you can obtain costumes? You will play in the Counter-Strike servers and get kills to get drops. Once you got an item named Costume Box, visit the website and open that box to obtain a random costume, we have 150+ costumes waiting for you :)



Enjoy the game,



Written by Bladefield at 10:16 on Jan 18, 2020 2,7520

Dear community members,


To improve your online privacy and implement Account System in Game Servers, we have replaced 'Email' with 'Username' as main login identity. So from now, you will be asked for username when you log in or register a new account.


As for those members who registered before Jan 18, 2019, the system assigned a username for you all based on your email address. To find your username, simply remove the right part of the email address starting from the @ symbol. For example, my email is [email protected] then my username will be bladefield, sounds easy huh?

Especially for those who registered before Jan 18, 2019, if you are not sastisfied with the username assigned by the system, you are allowed to request to change your username here by simply replying to this thread, you got only one chance so think carefully before submitting a new username. Allowed characters for username: alphabet characters, numbers and underscores.


If you are somehow unable to login, please mail us at [email protected] and provide your email and nickname, we will send back the username.



PVP.World Development Team

Written by Bladefield at 16:45 on Jan 13, 2020 2,59810

Dear Players,

You may have been wondering why pages are unavailable or some features are missing. That's because PVP.World is still being developed, however you are always welcomed to register and discuss here.

The Forum is completed and ready to serve all community members, every other features or pages will be completed very soon!



PVP.World Developer Team.


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