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Written by Bladefield at 02:11 on Jun 30, 2020 1,7221

Dear community players,


We've brought to you some updates about our community.

1. Steam Account Linking + Sign In With Steam

- We've added a new feature which allows you to link your Steam Account to PvP.World Community Account, this will allow you to sign in using Steam in future. This MAY also allow you to quick login in our game server using SteamID (In case you are playing a game published by Steam).

- To perform a linking to a Steam Account, please navigate to Account Setting > Steam Account Linking


2. New Career Quest: Connecting World Games

- Condition: Establish a connection to your Steam Account.

- Reward: Coin x10, Medium Skin Case x1, Advanced Skin Case x1, Super Skin Case x1


3. All Weapon Skins are released (97 skins)

- We've decided to release all weapon skins which you can obtain from opening Weapon Cases.

- After obtaining the weapon skins on the community website, you can head to our Counter-Strike 1.6 Classic Server to play with them, please check the Game Servers tab on the navigation bar if you need the game server address to connect.


We are now working on our next game, stay tuned and have a good day!



PvP.World Development & Operation Team


Written by Bladefield at 00:57 on Jun 26, 2020 1,9290

Dear community members,


We are proud to introduce the Trading System, which allows items to be traded between users. If you had been using Steam's Offer feature, then our feature would be pretty similar to it.

Figure 1. The interface of sending offer


Figure 2. The interface of viewing offer list.

Figure 3. You will get notification when someone sends you an offer.


Would you like to try the Trading feature? Please navigate to Basement > Trading Offer and give it a try then send us the feedback to improve your experience. If you have any question, don't hesitate to write it here.

Have a nice day!



PvP.World Development & Operation Team


Written by Bladefield at 01:38 on Jun 12, 2020 2,4391

Dear community members,


In order to improve the security and privacy, we've replaced Auto-Login feature with Quick-Login feature in our Counter-Strike 1.6 game servers. From now on, please check the following guide to enable Quick-Login:

1. Open your console and type: bind F8 "pvp_quicklogin <user> <pass>"

- Example with pvpworld as username and pvpworld999# as password: bind F8 "pvp_quicklogin pvpworld pvpworld999#"

2. Whenever you are in a game server, press F8 to quick login and it's done!

- You may replace F8 with other button as you wish.


We also fixed In-Game Registration Bug (Visual Bug), which you are not able to see your username after submitting.


Have a nice day!



PvP.World Development & Operation Team.

Written by Bladefield at 21:06 on Jun 02, 2020 2,1180

(This feature has been replaced and no longer available, please check this post for Quick-Login feature)

Dear Community Members,


Are you tired of typing Username and Password all the time? We've added Auto Login feature to our Counter-Strike 1.6 game servers. To us, privacy matters so we are not able to modify your game client data to store the account information. Instead, we asked you to do it.


How to save your account to the game client to enable Auto-Login?

Open your game console (Press ~ button) and type two following lines: (Press Enter after each line before the next line)

setinfo _user "YOUR_USER"


setinfo _pw "YOUR_PASS"



For example, my username is pvpworld and my passworld is [email protected] then I will type:

setinfo _user "pvpworld"

setinfo _pw "[email protected]"


Done, from the next time you connect to the game servers, you will be automatically logged in after 3 seconds.

You should never do this on a shared computer!


And when you want to disable the Auto-Login, just simple type: setinfo _pw "" (leave it empty inside the double quotes)

Have a nice day!



PvP.World Development & Operation Team.


(This feature has been replaced and no longer available, please check this post for Quick-Login feature)

Written by Bladefield at 02:48 on May 26, 2020 1,9880

Dear community members,


1. We've added the following weapon skins into the Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers (Example: Classic Server):

- AK-47 | Asiimov (SR)

- M4A1-S | Heat (Uncommon)

- AWP | Gungnir (Rare)


By the time you see this update, those new weapon skins are added to their respective case box. You may roll them out.

2. Added Community Career Quest: Community Kickstarter

- Condition: Create a thread or reply to a thread 5 times (Forum).

- Reward: 5x Coin + 1x Advanced Skin Case + 1x Super Skin Case.


With this new quest, we hope you can take the chance to roll the new 3 skins. So you probably want to post something to the forum but no idea what to post? How about some Counter-Strike tutorial or news,... everything that is not spam.

Have a good day!



PvP.World Development & Operation Team.


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  • pncgreen has obtained DEAGLE | Cobalt Disruption from Skin Case Box.
    4 hours ago
  • TIDE has obtained M4A1-S | Chantico's Fire from Skin Case Box.
    6 hours ago
  • badbrad has obtained AWP | Atheris from Skin Case Box.
    7 hours ago
  • badbrad has obtained M4A1-S | Bright Water from Skin Case Box.
    7 hours ago
  • stevo has obtained Mushroom from Lucky Costume Box.
    14 hours ago
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