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PVP.World Game Servers

Here is the list of game servers ran by PVP.World Studios & Community, play and support us by inviting your friends to the game server.

List of game servers
Game Server Name IP Address Map Players Status
Counter-Strike 1.6 Classic | ︻デ═一 | de_aztec 0/111 Online
Counter-Strike 1.6 Surf Modded |XP|SHOP| surf_ski_2 2/111 Online
Counter-Strike 1.6 Func_Vehicle Carnage |XP|SHOP| car_fight 0/111 Online
Counter-Strike 1.6 PaintBall Elimination 2020 | fy_shushmor 0/111 Online
Counter-Strike 1.6 Gun Game Deathmatch | fy_ifrag_arena 2/111 Offline
Counter-Strike 1.6 [PNC] ScoutzKnivez | scoutzknivez_megalopolis_test1 0/30 Online
Counter-Strike 1.6 Zombie Slaughter Beta |XP|SHOP| zs_factory 20/111 Online
Counter-Strike 1.6 Coming Soon (Zombie Elimination) de_mirage 3/111 Offline
Counter-Strike 1.6 PvP.World PUG Server [Warmup] de_dust2 0/10 Online